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Where are the most popular places to run?

Jersey Shore boardwalks are popular places to run
Jersey Shore boardwalks are popular places to run

Strava an on line “social fitness” site for runners, bikers and triathletes has released what they term a “Global Heatmap”. The map allows users to zoom in on a specific area anywhere in the world and see the most popular running and biking routes.

The routes were compiled from Strava users and derived from over 77 million rides and 19 million runs representing some 220 billion total data points. The data set is dynamic and continually growing.

Among the popular routes for runners in New Jersey include along the Jersey Shore from Cape May to Sandy Hook, along the Delaware Raritan Canal, the Watchung Reservation, South Mountain Reservation and the Palisades along the Hudson River.

Most popular routes can be seen highlighted in red and less popular in green. There are options to change the color scheme.

The map can also display popular bike routes.

So is your favorite route on the “Global Heatmap”?

Not yet a runner? Get ready for your first 5K starting on May 13, 2014 along the popular Jersey Shore boardwalks.

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