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Where are the Jobs for Unemployed American Workers?

Indiana House Majority Leader Pat Bauer demands statistics on job creation from Gov. Daniel's IEDC.
Indiana House Majority Leader Pat Bauer demands statistics on job creation from Gov. Daniel's IEDC.


  • Joye 6 years ago

    Excellent job on researching this article. Very valuable news to the Hoosiers sitting in the unemployment lines. Now, if we can get the hiring managers to truly consider those unemployed workers who have been out of work for 6 months or longer, we can get America back to work.

  • TrinxIwas 6 years ago

    Please read this article for some interesting information:

  • WendiS 6 years ago

    I think you are exactly right. I was looking around my area and I am watching it disappear. We have gotten off track and we are not getting the results, so we have to do something else. Demand transparency. No more precentages, that doesnt transmit into job numbers....what are the numbers. I am concerned that the outcome is going to be castotrophic...

    Wendi S
    Indiana Addiction Recovery Examiner

  • BJ 6 years ago

    Nothing new in politics. Give the states money and a few people get filthy rich. This is typical and why poltics does not work. People are greedy at best, and baby boomers, the me first generation, represent the lowest type of snake in the grass. I've heard the lies about the bailout money all being paid back. This country really represents about how low any society can fall. Now theres talk of the PRIVATE sector economy. This tells the whole story. Of course, the PUBLIC sector economy, that is the politicians and government employees are having a huge party while the rest of the country founders. Yes, there are REAL AMERICANS< those who work for government and the rest of us who have to wait for them to throw us a bone and tell us to get a job, while they send our jobs TO COMMUNIST WORKERS IN CHINA. GEE< WHERE DID ALL THE JOBS GO I WONDER?

  • Wendi S 5 years ago

    I think we also need to get ready for November. Register to vote and vote for those people that have Hoosiers at heart instead of their own agenda.
    Steve Buyer, Dan Burton, and Joe Donnelly were all Indiana Representatives that voted "Nay" for the unemployment benefits. They can be voted out of office and someone that can help us until things are stable can be voted in. We need to vote!!

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