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Where are the art magnet, charter schools in Austin

Vibracy guitar on Congress reflects a love of music, our specialty schools do not
Vibracy guitar on Congress reflects a love of music, our specialty schools do notAlex Campbell

In the live music capitol of the world, how is the love of music and the arts reflected in the educational scene? There are plenty of places to take lessons in the fine art of your choice, but the schools dedicated to the arts are few and far between in this city.

In Houston, for example, there are several schools which teach a specialized curriculum for those students with a talent and passion for the arts. Magnet and charter schools attract students because of unique experiences they offer surrounding the arts.

Magnet schools, which are housed in a building within a public school, attract students from across the school district for their specific programs. Charter schools can be public or private and are established around a characteristic that the founders feel the public schools are lacking. So what about the fine arts schools?

In Austin there is one fine arts academy at McCallum High School. However, there are many theaters in Austin, several museums, plenty of opportunities to take informal art classes, and countless spaces to perform music of all kinds. Where is the opportunity for Austin students to gain a formal education in the arts? With so many “artsy” and eclectic people in Austin, one would think that there would be more varied chances for a public education focusing on fine arts.