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Where are our values?

Where do we get our pets? Although many of us do look at shelters and rescues many times our heads are turned to breeders and pet shops. The appeal of breeders and pet shops is the astatic. Certainly we do approach the stewardship of a pet with good research and health knowledge. And of course we all want to look and be the person who is civic minded and so the shelter and rescue is on our list.

Shelters and rescues frequently do not have the funding to present a well groomed and well-mannered pet. There are times we the staff feel fortunate they are presenting a clean, well-mannered pet. Of course the staff works hard to present this but so many pets are surrendered every year, it is very hard in our decline of financial and population resources to have a fund to draw from.

Yes certainly our financial world has hit hard on the shelters and rescues because when an adult is given the picture of a child not having a place to live and food to eat, of course their donation will go to the child every time. And there are no quibbles here for this behavior. What most people do not realize is that shelters and rescues can use as much people help as they can get. Walkers, groomers, socializers, fostering and so many more jobs that in many a pets life is either going without resource or will have limited resource. While not the dollars we all look for, this in-kind donation will go just as far in many an instance. is the story of Teresa Berg who is attempting to change this perception with one great photo at a time. While Teresa donates her time and fees for production, she is saving more than 95% of the pets she photos and allows nonprofits to use for adoption purposes. What does this say about our values? The stories from our video show animals know where to place their value.

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