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‘Where are all the former soap stars?’

Online Soap Opera
Online Soap Opera

Ever wondered what happened to some of daytime TV’s biggest stars? Well, a surprisingly large number of them can be found 'The Bay' web series. This web series could possibly be a dream come true for many die-hard soap fans giving them the chance to see old familiar faces. Although, for now, you can only view seasons 1 and 2 on the online site, you are given the chance to see various actors who had roles in soaps long cancelled or had been written off the show.

You will recognize actors like Matthew Ashford (Jack from ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Nicolas Costas (Lionel Lockridge from ‘Santa Barbara’ or Jacklyn Zema (Bobbie from ‘General Hospital’).

The Bay’s’ central figure is socialite Sara Garrett, played Mary Beth Evans (Kayla from ‘Days of Our Lives’). All the drama is enhanced by the folk in and out of her social circle and takes place in the fictional seaside town of Bay City.