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When your spouse becomes your roommate



  • Sakina 6 years ago

    I like this one.

    Sometimes, in my experience, it is beneficial to be like a roommate to one's spouse in certain circumstances. What I mean is being a friend that you split the bills and tasks with, without having huge emotional reliances/responsibilities on them.
    What I'm saying doesn't negate anything your saying; that's not my intention.

    Thanks for sharing this one. I especially like the retro image you included. Nice.

    Ann Arbor Islamic Issues Examiner

  • Amy 2 years ago

    I'm not even a room mate, married 45+ years and y husband has lived his life in he basement and I upstairs He moved his things down stairs the day after our wedding. He refuses to accept me as a wife! We had sex once in all these years, I was told it was disgusting, smelly, messy, pointless, meaningless, not worth the effort. He didn't understand how one human could do such a disgusting ting to another human. There fore he said that sex thing will never ever happen again. I don't know why I stayed in the same house with him and it was so stupid of me. I'm past the age of caring anymore, I have my shrink and anti-depressant to keep me company.

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