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When your cup runneth over

Okay so you’ve been looking and looking for that next great position and nothing, not even a job nibble has floated your way. Then, all of sudden, doors are opening and the offers are coming in left and right. How do you ultimately choose the best position for you?

Well, of course salary is a major item, but sometimes the benefits and perks can over shadow what might be viewed as even a meager salary, so what’s an applicant to do?

You can try some tried and true methods to help you navigate the waters and ensure that you and the right for you job connect. Sit down and chart it out. Make a list of all the position has to offer as well as all you might have to settle for and/or give up to take the position. Its best to never let salary alone dictate the job you accept, because in the end you could actually end up short changing yourself.

After you’ve charted each offer (and always first be certain that it’s a valid offer with a definite start date), sit down and compare each position and be honest with yourself about what’s most important to you. Review travel distance, expenses and growth potential, along with salary and benefits. You also want to look at just how much time the position will require, because if you make 100,000.00 a year, but are required to work 22 hours a day, it might not be worth it to you.

Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy your decision making process, because you worked really hard on your job search, fought off your natural inclination to give up when doors didn’t open right away and now is your time, to sit back and “entertain offers.” There’s a reason why that phrase includes the word “entertain,” because this is supposed to be the enjoyable part of your job search. So enjoy!!!

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