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When your computer dies

The glittery butterfly (from Pier One Imports)
The glittery butterfly (from Pier One Imports)
Photo By: Robert Hammonds

She walks about decorating for her daughter’s fifth birthday party with the decorations starting to take shape and cupcakes being softly placed on stands. The glittery butterfly sways from the ceiling and weeks worth of planning and invites has come together. Guests will start to arrive in just a few hours and there are a few last minute things to do. Her laptop hums softly in the background. It has provided ideas, photos, and last minute quotes for this event, a tool like no other.

On this shinny black laptop are pictures of parties past, vacations, and life changing events. There are videos of her children singing and dancing. There are documents that contain words she has written and other various information that is irreplaceable.

There are but moments to spare and as the clock ticks closer to start time, she heats a cup of coffee and sits for one last moment behind this treasured device. The laptop purrs as it bounces onto the internet. It breezes through emails, Facebook posts, and music. iTunes roars to life adding the Cha Cha Slide to the atmosphere for her daughters to cut a rug before the party and than in one flash the screen changes. The computer reports an error - than another - than another. The computer shuts itself down. The music gone, the humming left with silence, and she is left to scramble and find out why.

The laptop is tucked into a resting place until after the party. She can not help but feel it’s tug to be looked at. She photographs moments and videos candles being blown out thinking about the other moments like this tucked quietly on a hard drive.

Her warranty barely expired. Her phones calls to customer service frustrating. Her children locked on a dead device. She flips through the phone book and seeks out local help and to her utter surprise there help right down the road. Ashton Computers on Evansville’s West side right next to Bob’s Gym.

The call is placed, the laptop taken, and now to wait. It was a few days later and the report was in. The laptops mother board was crashed and gone. Luckily everything on the hard drive was okay and her babies safe. The bad news the computer would cost hundreds of dollars to fix. The decision was made to purchase an external hard drive from Office Depot and to drop it by Ashton’s for them to move all information from the deceased laptop to this external information port. Than the hunt was on for a new laptop. One that could stand the test of time. 

Days rolled past and the old information safely returned. A new laptop purchased and a faith in a company that saved the most important of moments for her - the little moments. She will never go without backing up her information again.

If you or anyone you know needs any kind of computer assistance check out Ashton Computer on the west side located at 130 N. Rosenberger Ave. - Evansville, IN 47712 Tel. 812-424-2390 Fax: 812-424-0059. They are kind, knowledgable, and a lifesaver.

So sorry for my absence in writing; it was a long road to a newlaptop, a different operating system, and waiting for software, but my babies were saved though my computer was lost. Thank you Ashton Computers. 

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