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When You Were Younger

Someone posted an image on facebook, you can see it in the slideshow. The image had the following quote, “ Be the person you needed when you were young.” ~Anonymous

Time is immaterial ... you can be today who you could have been!
"It's never too late to be who you could have been" George Eliot
Facebook anonymous post

After reading this, it made me think about the answer. . .

Overall growing up, for anyone who knows my story, I lived in fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, and constant judgment of self and others!
Suffering was what the normal default setting of the day and it was only a matter of would the suffering be more or less today than yesterday. I never imagined the suffering would end; unless I were to commit suicide, which I contemplated and had ideations of on many occasions well into my twenties.

Looking back now with this quote in mind, I would answer it just as I did on Facebook:
“Honestly. . . hmmm, growing up I really needed someone who would listen, offer encouragement, wisdom, kindness, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. . . and every now and then a good kick in the ___ to motivate me to get up and do what I thought I could not do!”

Now the question, am I that person today?
Today, right here, right now, am I the person I needed and wanted then?

In each moment, I know that I do my best…
Whether standing at the gas station mad at my sister for my perceived injustice, or sitting at B.E.L.I.E.V.E. rehearsal feeling frustrated over my perceived lack of professional effort being demonstrated by anyone, or when teaching, speaking at a church or center, coaching, or writing… I am doing my best. If I could do better I would be doing it. Breathe and as John Travolta recently said he believe Idina would suggest he do regarding the Oscar name flub… LET IT GO!
Be who I am!
Be the best I can be in each now moment!
The more I can stand authentically in that and breathe in that moment and breathe in that truth, the more I will find myself caught in the magic, the mystery, and the magnificence of transformation, of compassion, of love, and of Spirit!

Before I end, let me add that I can look back now and see that the younger me had exactly what he needed to evolve into the present me. I am exactly who I am meant to be, being exactly who I am meant to be, ever expanding and evolving into that which I on a deeper spiritual level know that I am destined to be and so I breathe and let go… let go of the expectations and the judgments of who I wasn't and who I’m not right now.
Let go of the frustrations of not being where I want to be or doing what I want to do! Breathe! Let go!... Just be!

So today I offer this midnight (yeah I am writing this at midnight) advice to you as well.
Just BE you


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