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When you travel, take the Bentgo!

Bentgo lunch boxes are perfect for any travel
Bentgo lunch boxes are perfect for any travel

So far, my favorite little travel accessory that has been so helpful while traveling has been the "Bentgo". My husband and I have matching sets and we take them everywhere! What is the bentgo? The Bentgo is a stackable lunchbox that is lightweight, compact and is convenient. It comes with compartments that help keep our snacks separated from other food and in the middle it has a cutlery set. They come in different colors to choose from, and they are lightweight, yet sturdy... I have to admit, when I first saw them I fell in love with the Bentgo.

When I travel, I usually pack snacks depending on the trips' length will determine which snacks get packed. For the most part, I carry fresh fruit and yogurt, as parfait making is a pet peeve. :)

I found that in the Bentgo I can place all of my fresh cut up fruit pieces in one compartment, and the oats, dried cranberries, almonds or other side toppings to my yogurt in the other. It comes with a strap that conveniently wraps around the lunchbox to hold everything in place, and it's small enough that it fits in my purse or carry tote at all times.

Next time you travel, take a Bentgo!

Happy travels!

Carol Lent