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When you Save Water You also Save Money and Your Environment

Water is the source of life. Human beings cannot live without water and it is a huge part of our daily lives. The very thought of a life without water makes us shiver.

The surprising thing is that even though we all know and appreciate the importance of water, a large percentage of the population still wastes water. They do no respect this valuable resource at all. In fact they disrespect it by wasting it.

The fact is it actually makes sense for you to save water. Every drop of water saved by you is contributing to the environment. But it’s not enough that you save water, you need to save it in such a way that it saves you money. This way you will be saving your hard earned money and contributing to the environment at the same time. That is double the benefit for you. So how do you go about that? Let’s take a look:

Fix all Water Leaks in your House

While you might think this is elementary, what you will find difficult to believe is that there are plenty of leaks around your house that you can plug to save water. Do you see that tap dripping water even after you have closed it? You might think that the water leakage in negligible but it isn’t. It adds up to quite a bit.Know where else you can save water? It is by spotting toilet leaks. What? Your toilet doesn’t leak. Well, it must be leaking, it’s just that you haven’t noticed it yet. To spot a toilet leak you need to add a few drops of color, preferably food coloring to the tank water. Once you add this coloring all you need to do is wait for some time before you check the bowl. If you notice color, your toilet is leaking. Plug that leak and there is potential to save hundreds of gallons of water.No prizes for guessing that saving this water will help you save on your water bills as well.

A Responsible Water Citizen

When you brush your teeth, do you keep the faucet on or off? Think. The ideal citizen will turn off the faucet even if the time between turning it on and off is minimal. You can also save water by taking quick showers on most occasions. Yes, those long, languid showers are definitely good for your stress, but they are bad news for your water consumption. A great idea would be to identify a particular day in the week for a long hot/cold shower. At other times, make sure you get out of the shower in 5 minutes flat, max.

Wastewater Treatment

Hire a company like Total Water Services that is an expert in setting up a waste water treatment plan for your residence. If you are living in an apartment complex, and it doesn’t have a waste water treatment plan in place, get together with the residents to set one up. The idea behind hiring a reputed company to set up these treatment plants is that you get maximum returns on investment. The best companies understand your needs and requirements and have the proven expertise to implement a treatment plant that satisfies them to the hilt.

To Conclude

The next time you are using water, think very carefully about the ways and means that you can save the water you are using. For e.g. if you are washing your car, think how you will be able to wash your car with minimum water usage. In this particular case, you can do away with your habit of using a water hose and think about using bucket of water. Or even if you think a hose is essential for the purpose, you still need to keep the hose off at regular interval, while rinsing the car.

This is just one example of the mindset you need to have when trying to save water.You need to think out of the box and make it a habit to save water. It’s only if you get your thinking right that you will be able to save water and do your bit for the environment.

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