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When you respect yourself so will others

Respect yourselves
Respect yourselves

Time after time, so many relationships have ended due to the "He/She doesn't respect me." Well, when you meet someone you're clearly attracted to don't make the infamous mistake of jumping into the bed with them the first time you meet them. Unless the both of you really understand & accept that it will be a onetime thing.

Men & women who behave in such ways are left to assume the next day they will continue to be interested in one another when phone numbers are exchanged. A few days can go by and no response to phone calls or texts. One will assume the other party is no longer interested; behold the weekend has arrived and you receive that 2 a.m. phone call "What you doing; can I see you"? And of course you both agree to it. A few days later one of you is crying & complaining at how sick of you are of how you're being treated. Why are you going to yell scream and hate the other person if this is what you choose when you do not show that you have respect for yourself? If you want someone to treat you respectfully then do not do anything that makes them believe you're not worth being anything else but what happened the first time you met.

Men (don't hate me for saying so) will take any female that will come their way it's human nature. Some women will confuse this with assuming the man is interested in them for a relationship. NO those men will see you as quick and easy pleasure. Unfortunately men can and have been able to lay with any women at any time (even pay for it then leave). Women have the tendency to emotionally connect to men by doing so. It doesn't work this way. One night stands are labeled that for the exact reason.

When you meet someone and there is attraction; refrain yourself from falling into the category of "not so nice men/girls". Ladies: If you want a man to like you, be interested in you; DON'T sleep with him when you first meet. You will not be acknowledged as a self-respecting woman. Give yourself respect in order to receive it. Men: If you want a nice woman who you can respect DON'T call the one at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Men are quick to judge a woman when the tables are turned & she is the one doing the calling at those hours. In the end it works both ways. If you don't want anyone treating you poorly DON'T behave poorly. If you want to be respected in a relationship begin by respecting yourself. When you respect yourself so will others or perhaps I should say; so SHOULD others.

Remember always; it’s better to be alone with dignity than in a relationship without respect.

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