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When You Reach the End of the Day and Feel Like a Lone Survivor

Having just seen the movie Lone Survivor, it has been brilliantly confirmed that some people’s passions run like blood through their veins. They do and do and do, no matter what the fight takes out of them. They keep going, until whatever outcome there may be.

Mom's thought process...
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While being a single mom is in no way on the same level, or even in a nearby arena of danger and sacrifice as that of our military, there are some days when we get to the end of them and wonder how the heck we made it through the whole day without doing bodily harm to another individual (even though the thought of tying our kid by their ankle to the ceiling fan and turning it on high speed did cross our mind once or twice…)

Some days we feel like we have been in a dogfight - and we may have been, but it would be of the canine variety, not the military kind.

We feel so spent and brain dead, we don’t know how we can live through another day like the one that just passed. We feel tired and alone.

But we are not.

Although there were dozens of takeaways from this amazing, intense movie, here are just three of them that brought to mind a few comparisons:

1. It takes a team. Marcus Luttrell says that he lived because of his brothers. These guys do not go out and do what they do without serious, solid training. Part of that training requires dependence on one another to get through, to push on, to succeed in their missions.

Every single mom has felt the above mentioned ways at one time or another (or repeatedly). There is a sisterhood out there. Utilize it. Reach out to it. Gain the benefit of someone else’s wisdom, strength, liquor cabinet, advice, humor, or comforting, quiet presence when your supply is low or depleted. And when your supply is ample, be that support for someone else.

2. No matter how much you have already endured, you can still endure more. What they went through is indescribable - physically, mentally, emotionally. It is beyond anything that seems humanly possible. But, they kept on going. They were physically broken, shot, bleeding, cut, tired, and outnumbered, but they pushed on, individually and together.

Granted, single moms do not have large groups of Taliban giving chase with automatic weapons and the desire to destroy them, but having to be in three places at once with one child sick and you feeling like the flu is hovering just around your corner, the car low on gas, the bank account low on funds, a deadline at work, a project due at school, the A/C unit on the fritz and the dog throwing up mystery objects can push your buttons from every angle.

Yet somehow, some way, these items all get tended to one at a time, until they are crossed off of “the list” and, with an extra dose of Vitamin C, you get to the evening and are able to fall down on the couch and marvel that you made it through only semi-scathed…and will be able to face the next day of whatever situations may come.

3. Life is uncertain and precious. The movie highlights the four who went in, and the one who came out. (The title is “Lone Survivor“, so this is not a spoiler.) Did they know, do any ever know, what the outcomes of their missions will be? No. Do they do them anyway? Heck yes. Because they have the passion and desire within them to do the best they can do, to honor their positions and their families.

Every day is uncertain. We should be thankful that we wake up every morning, thankful that we can move, that we can do, whatever it is we can do. There could be an unexpected car crash, a house fire, a heart attack, a carbon monoxide leak. This isn’t to be a Debbie Downer, it’s just the way life is.

There is danger on many levels, in many areas of our daily lives, whether here at home or on a battlefield. What can we do? Whatever we can. How can we do it? The best we can. And we can be thankful that we have opportunities to do our best. Some days, our best may be getting 15 errands checked off of our to do list, and some days our best may be getting up from bed and making it to the couch.

Be thankful for what you can do, and who you do it for. Appreciate the precious life you have, and the precious ones who are in it.

Have you seen Lone Survivor? What did you think about it?

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