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When you're not a fan of your child's teacher

There are many different reasons for not liking a teacher. Views can be based on competencies, personality, or just an impression. Whatever the reason, there may be a chance for a learning lesson for your child as a result. Here are some tips to help you cope, and maximize the chances for a successful school year:
It is important for parents to recognize that just as we had both stellar teachers and ones that were just okay, so will our kids, writes Jackie Glassman in What to Do When You Don't Like Your Child's Teacher”.
Keep your opinions to yourself
Don’t share with your child that you are not happy with his teacher. Children should treat persons of authority with respect, and hearing negative opinions may change this attitude.
Each situation is unique, and you should watch and listen to determine if complaints are legitimate and require taking action.
Approach the teacher
Approach the teacher to get their perspective, and share yours complete with any ideas you may have to help your child. For instance, if your child is bored, discuss ways to challenge him. If the workload is overwhelming, brainstorm ways to change this pattern.  
Approach the principal
If meeting with the teacher did not resolve things to your satisfaction, it may be time to meet with the principal, or for the three of you to meet. Don’t attack anyone personally; during this time, but rather stick to the concerns.
Last Resort
It is important for your child to see that efforts should be made to resolve a problem rather than giving up. Moving a child to another class should only be a measure of last resort, and most principals will not switch except in extreme cases for fear of calling attention to the child and the situation.


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    Post a complaint at - It is a site devoted to reporting bad teachers, poor teaching and teacher misconduct.

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