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When You’re Mine, You’re Mine Forever!

The perfect statement every child must hear from a parent.
The perfect statement every child must hear from a parent.

I have a certain list of “Miller’s Laws” which include the importance of my kids to me and how I will treat them long after they were in my classroom. One of “Miller’s Laws” is, “When you’re mine, you’re mine forever.” There is NO changing that. I make it crystal clear that no child can take that away from me. Regardless of their behavior, words, or whatever else they try to make me NOT love them, I remain steadfast in the reality that, “When you’re mine, you’re mine forever.”

This reminder came to my attention this morning when I found out that the father of one of My Kids had passed on. Understand this: #1. I knew about this ‘child’s’ reality long before her parents did. #2. She entrusted me with this information, and as a high school senior, asked my advice as to how to approach her parents’ acceptance. Her father was remarkable regarding his reaction, but the concept of unconditional love really ‘hit home’ when My Child’s older brother took his own life thirteen days before Christmas of that Fall Semester.

In my opinion, the reality of that tragedy happening less than a month after My Kiddo shared her reality created an environment that made her father more willing to accept her reality because he recognized the value of each of his children. He was able to do it because he loved his daughter unconditionally regardless of this issue she was so worried about revealing. Her biggest fear was what her dad’s reaction was going to be, because she was definitely ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

My Kiddo (who is now 37 years old) presented her father with realities that were difficult for him to accept, but because he loved his daughter unconditionally, he was willing to set aside his initial reaction and still share his love for his daughter. THAT is the sign of true character and integrity. I am so sad for My Kiddo losing her father, but at the same time, I am so happy that they were able to come to a position of respect and love that transcended all of the issues that can cause strife in some families.

God Bless My Kiddo and her father; They were able to make their relationship work despite their differences. He was able to show unconditional love!!