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When you feel like the world is against you

When the world is against you
When the world is against you

We've all had those times in our lives where you feel that everything seems to go wrong. Maybe you suffered a major loss or a string of things that went wrong for you. A lot of us can get caught up and start defining ourselves by our relationship, our job or what our lifestyle is at the time. When we lose those things everything seems to collapse on us and we can lose ourselves.

Those times are the biggest reality checks we can have in our lives. They can be life changing. Life is constantly changing. It never stays the same so these opportunities can really open up our eyes to different circumstances.

The company that I was working for closed down last summer and it was a major change for me. I ended up realizing that I was defining myself by my job position. I went through a lot of different emotions before coming to terms with myself. It was a major learning experience.

It got me to the place I am right now where I am starting my own business. I ended up going through all of the different factors that I want in my life and one that I put to the side was that I wanted my own business. I ended up realizing that I got caught up in my old job and old ways and didn't have enough time or energy to focus on what I really wanted and how to really use my own creativity.

I also remember awhile ago when I got out of a relationship that wasn't working for me anymore. I was thinking what am I going to do with my life right now? Then later I learned that was the best thing that happened to me at the time leaving me open to meet new great people and getting a better more stable relationship.

Life always has a lot of ups and downs and is constantly changing. The way to handle life on a downturn is to think positively and figure out what your next move is.

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