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When you can't get the photo

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Paint it.

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While outdoors and most often armed with a camera, you sometimes see things that you wanted to capture, but weren’t quick enough. A bird doesn’t stop flying by. A deer may pause, but then again may bleat away. Animals may leave evidence of their presence such as tracks and scat, but don’t make a live appearance. That’s when having artistic ability may come handy to recreate the image or experience.

I have a thing for bears. I have seen them in the wild as close as 10 feet away. I have heard them growl-bark-snort. But, most often, bears remain hidden.

Once, I saw a coyote running ahead of me on a trail in the spring forest. He stayed a safe distance, but was as curious about me as I was about him. He turned to take a look, and I remember that.

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