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When you can't get the photo

When you miss the shot, you might paint it.
When you miss the shot, you might paint it.James George

Paint it.

Baltimore Oriole at Bon Air Park
Baltimore Oriole at Bon Air ParkJames George

While outdoors and most often armed with a camera, you sometimes see things that you wanted to capture, but weren’t quick enough. A bird doesn’t stop flying by. A deer may pause, but then again may bleat away. Animals may leave evidence of their presence such as tracks and scat, but don’t make a live appearance. That’s when having artistic ability may come handy to recreate the image or experience.

I have a thing for bears. I have seen them in the wild as close as 10 feet away. I have heard them growl-bark-snort. But, most often, bears remain hidden.

Once, I saw a coyote running ahead of me on a trail in the spring forest. He stayed a safe distance, but was as curious about me as I was about him. He turned to take a look, and I remember that.

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