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When You Are in a Relationship but It Does Not Feel Like It...

So you met this guy and he asked you to be his girlfriend. You met online and then met in person a couple of times. He asks you to be his girlfriend and you are happy. Then once you are in a relationship it is different.

He says he wants to make out with you instead of just kissing you. He will not kiss or hold your hand in public. When you go to hug him he looks nervous. He invites himself over. His family and friends do not know you and you wonder if they even know you are his girlfriend at all. When it comes to Saturday nights or the holidays he is with his friends partying than spending time with you.

What is wrong with this picture? Everthing. These are all parts of being in a relationship.

A guy who sees you only in the afternoon, once a week for an hour, something is fishy.

Guys like their space and they like their friends but when they make no time for their girl at all something is wrong. Couples usually go out with each other on the weekends and are affectionate in public, even if it is just holding hands with each other.

Just because a guy says he wants a relationship does not mean that he is ready for one. Maybe he feels pressured to be with one because he is getting older and feels all his family and friends are, so he has to be. Maybe he is just telling you he wants a relationship because he wants one thing from you. Whatever it is, if his actions are not showing it than you have the title of being in a relationship but you are not in one.

A guy who makes you feel like an option and not a priority is not the guy for you. You deserve to be with a guy who will make you feel that you are his number one. If he cannot make time for you than he is not the guy for you.

There are a million guys out there, so do not waste time on the wrong one. If you do you are missing out on someone great.

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