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When "Yet" is Already Taken Care Of

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Leviticus 4:27 - 5:26
The Third Book of the Torah, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called”

These scriptures today follow along the same instructions GOD has given Moses/Moshe concerning the inadvertent sins committed and their acceptable sacrifice for atonement.

The first scripture makes a way for the commoner, or the stranger who may not know of the instructions of GOD, yet. Key word being, yet.

Once they are aware of their transgression, there is a way for them to make atonement.

GOD is very specific with the manner and type of sacrifice(s) HE deems appropriate for these sins, even for the “commoner.”

Just like HIS instructions for these sins among HIS own people, HE has made concessions for everyone from the wealthiest to the poorest in order that all be allowed atonement regardless of their financial-economic or social status.

Another side of GOD we see in these scriptures is HIS Grace and HIS Mercy. HE is making a way for HIS people through sacrifice to be forgiven their sins.

HIS Grace and Mercy obviously also extends to those who do not yet know HIS instructions.

This is the All Sufficient GOD of Israel, who welcomes anyone into atonement and forgiveness through HIS instruction.

These instructions, while very detailed and exact, are meant to give us the hope of accomplishing HIS instructions while creating the means for forgiveness if we should fall short.

We also read instructions of restitution should we conduct ourselves in a manner unbefitting one of HIS people.

If we are bound by an oath to give evidence in court, we are to do so honestly and completely, witnessing everything we saw or knew.

If we touch anything unclean and commit a violation by forgetting we are unclean, we must make restitution unto GOD.

Verbal oaths, no matter what is expressed, should we forget or misrepresent ourselves or not carry through on that oath, we must confess that sin and bring a guilt offering before GOD for atonement.

Again, GOD makes an offering available to everyone regardless of social-economic status.

These instructions HE is giving make it clear HE is concerned with our best behavior and well being.

HE desires HIS people follow a different standard, a higher standard. We are HIS people, representing our GOD at all times, not just on our Holy Days in our Holy Places.

Making these sacrifices today is literally impossible since we have no levitical lineage in service to the Temple where these instructions could be carried out as GOD commanded.

Does that give us permission to no longer sacrifice unto GOD?

Does that give us an “out” that we no longer uphold these commandments?

Do we believe we are no longer obligated to uphold these standards simply because there is now no retribution?

How do we profess to serve the GOD of Israel without believing we have a different standard to maintain?

How can we be a light unto the darkness of this World, if we act, walk, talk and speak just like the World?

Aren’t we then just as dark as they?

There is an old adage, “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”

Do we look like GOD’s people or are we quacking like the rest of the World?

What are your thoughts regarding these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum HERE.

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