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When will the chaos end?

There is too much craziness in this world today. Everything and everyone is going mad. We have a California drought, all goods are increasing in value, corrupt political parties insist on pushing destructive policies, terror attacks and too many liberals are insisting that Obama is doing a good job.

In Fergeson, an officer shot an unarmed teen. Michael Brown robbed a convenient store, almost beat Officer Darren Wilson to death and Wilson will get prosecuted for protecting his life. Governor Jay Nixon is prosecuting him for defending his life and doing his job. Why? The answer is he's more concerned about saving his hide and caving to the pressure of the looters. Also, how are people going to loot and destroy property of people from their own culture, but blame another race of peaople for destroying their community?

We also have terrorist attacks to a new level. ISIS insists on driving people from their homes, raping, torturing and murdering women and children; persecuting Christians and anybody who doesn't take their cruel stance. In addition, journalist James Foley was beheaded by ISIS, who claims they will continue to behead Americans. In addition, there are ISIS threats to strike the U.S. and evidence of ISIS members being here. Yet, Obama insists on golfing the same day as Foley was beheaded. Obama also refuses to put troops on the ground. When will this madness end?

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