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When will the Big Snow hit Maryland?

When will the next big snow hit?
When will the next big snow hit?
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Well, as we move into the first few weeks of 2013, the weather looks very quiet here in MD. Most of December was active, with several storms giving the area a good mix of rain & snow… and everything between! Still, the official snow count is on the low side for this winter. At BWI, the last time at least 2” of snow was measured was on Feb 22nd, 2011 with 2.5”. The last time we had 6” or more was on Jan 26th, 2011! It’s been a while since we had a big snow here in MD. I really don’t see any great opportunities for storms until the 3rd week of this new year! There will a series of weak short waves in the northern branch of the jet over the next few weeks…but these will only bring a chance for sprinkles and flurries. The pattern will likely change by the end of the month, but it could be fairly boring for all the Snowhounds until then!