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When will ‘Dancing With the Stars’ cast celebrities? Bethany Mota is not a star

Bethany Mota added to Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for ELLE

Fans of the popular show “Dancing With the Stars” probably watched the unveiling of the cast of the upcoming show and shook their heads in disappointment. The majority of the rumored cast members were on stage and some of them aren't really celebrities at all. According to CNN on Thursday the cast has come together to offer up a season of dancing in the ballroom.

What fans need to be asking is when will the entire cast of “Dancing With the Stars” be full of real stars? The idea of putting one or two individuals who really are world famous in with a bunch of folks looking to jump start their career is disappointing to the viewers at home. And let’s be real, this season there are several people who are barely recognized in the entertainment community and technically aren't stars.

So it begs us to ask who would qualify as a legitimate star? Britney Spears, George Lopez and even Leah Remini. A star would be someone who would be recognized by six out of ten random people in America. A star is someone who acts, sings or is part of society in front of people.

Don’t think that “Dancing With the Stars” has entirely missed the boat. There are a few great faces on this list like Tommy Chong, Randy Couture, Lolo Jones and Alfonso Ribeiro. Yet, this strong list is paired with two people in particular who have no business being on the ballroom floor.

Bethany Mota and Sadie Robertson aren't stars. It’s fair to say that Mota might be considered a fashion host on YouTube. Both are incomparable to the list of other stars and they aren't famous either. Mota’s big claim to fame is having seven million YouTube followers. As fans have watched on other reality shows there is no editing in live TV and it’s likely she won’t make it past the second week. It’s doubtful her YouTube pals will rally to save her either.

As for Sadie Robertson, being occasionally seen on a reality show and having a famous grandfather (Phil Robertson) is hardly a reason for her to dance. The consistent lobbying her family has done in front of the cameras to be on the show has paid off, but that still doesn't make her famous.

The cast of "Dancing With the Stars" is disappointing. And it reminds us all that if your family begs in front of the cameras long enough it's possible to get on any reality show...even if you aren't famous.

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