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When we're angry, who wins? - Part III

Quit accepting anger as a way of life.
Quit accepting anger as a way of life.

It’s really not the emotion of anger that we should fear. It’s the outlet in which we choose to let it show (or in some cases, not show). Everyone has a different way of working out their stresses and aggressions. Whether someone decides to hold that internally or let it out through some kind of constructive action (i.e. gym time, artistic expression; not yelling, blaming, fighting) is up to the individual.

But there’s a difference from feeling angry and being an angry person. Being the latter or being the target of an angry person’s actions is not a place in life you want to be. The sooner we can replace the feeling instead of misplacing it, the more peaceful our lives will become.

Anger places people on the defensive, which is how some people want to fight through life, but what is the fighting for? For some people, because fighting and problems are things that require action, it may seem like they are conducive to living life; but not when people would rather argue without seeking for or wanting a solution. Anger is their solution.

It takes honesty and continual strength to face the anger within ourselves. In some ways, our anger provides an outlet of a mix of emotions that we don’t want to even try to recognize. We don’t want to understand where it comes from because we may not want to see it exposed. We just want it out of our systems, even if it is only temporarily. The outbursts, the swipes we take at the ones we love are those temporary releases of feelings that may have been harbored for a long time.

Someone once told me my emotions go from zero to sixty. I never understood what that meant, until I realized that in a way, he was right. I don’t get mad easily but when I do, it takes one form: pissed off. When I have one of those days, I want to know where it’s coming from because I don’t want to feel that way for any longer than I have to.

I don’t want to be trying to figure it out for the rest of my life. This only seems like more of a struggle than any mess of things that made me feel that way to begin with. And, I definitely don’t want to spend my life figuring out the basis of anger in someone else; because even if I wanted to, I can’t.

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