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When was the last time you read THE CAT IN THE HAT by Dr. Seuss?

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If you look inside the front cover you may find that the children's book was first published in Boston in 1957 by Houghton Mifflin and is more recently being published in the United States by Random House Children's Books, a division of Random House, Inc, New York. On the back cover there is a comment from a writer for the Free Press from 1966 which says, "Dr. Seuss took 220 words, rhymed them, and turned out THE CAT IN THE HAT..." You know, Dr. Seuss never did that to write this masterpiece. However, he surely did spend a day or two with some children to have been so inspired. Rhyming came naturally within the language used to communicate to those young children who knew exactly what he was talking about. Can you believe that THE CAT IN THE HAT is almost sixty years old? Perhaps UNIVERSAL STUDIOS will help to celebrate that birthday around the world as they have noted that the children's books by Dr. Seuss have now been translated into 27 languages. * When is the last time you read the children's book, THE CAT IN THE HAT by Dr. Seuss? Better yet, has a child ever gone to a book shelf to pick out a story for you to read to them and chosen the story THE CAT IN THE HAT? If that has happened to you then you must be someone very special indeed. As well, you are surely not the mother of that child. THE CAT IN THE HAT was not intended for mothers to read to their children, because mothers are much too serious. A child could not possibly choose to have their mother read this story to them. On the other hand, fathers, aunts, uncles, big brothers, grand-mothers, grand-fathers, and next-door-neighbors are all likely the intended readers of THE CAT IN THE HAT by Dr. Seuss. If you are a chosen reader of THE CAT IN THE HAT, you are immediately profoundly honored. The world of understanding children in a new light is unfolded to you as you turn the easy to read rhymed for fun pages. After you finish reading, just say, what a day we had today when we played, kiss that little child on the forehead goodnap, and remember that reading is the best discipline of all.
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