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When ugly shoes demand an apology

Whether you voice it out loud or think it silently to yourself, we all have a WTF moment! Fashion lends itself to severe criticism but sometimes buying into a shoe trend doesn’t necessarily mean you look stylish but could turn you into a fashion victim instead. Fashion trends evolve quicker than any other industry and while celebrities and musicians lend themselves to some severe trends that does not mean that wearing them will turn you into a rock star. So avoid looking like one of Lady Gaga’s little monster and spare yourself from a “WTF” was I thinking moment by avoiding shoe trends that just look plain out stupid.

Are ugly shoes the new trend?  Erika Chloe, personal stylist and fashion expert seems to think these terrible trends and better left untouched. When your shoes demand an explanation or offend someone, are they considered a conversational piece?
Urban Outfitters

While shopping online, we couldn’t believe the crap that retail stores were selling. More importantly we were curious to know who would actually buy into these horrid looking items. That being said, we compiled a “what not to wear” list of the ugliest shoes we were able to trend spot for fall/winter 2011. Hopefully, you will agree that sometimes things are left better unsaid or in this case, left better on the store shelf! Oh, and if you have a pair of these shoes than we recommend calling our fashion and image consulting emergency hotline immediately.

Fashion crime #1: This shoe is called a “skate leather boot”. They could be fun if they actually had spring coils in the heel and you could bounce from point A to Point B. When fashion imitates art, there is a fine line between constructive and destructive.

Fashion Crime #2: Glitter wedge- ok, so aside from walking around with Christmas or disco balls on your feet, when you buy these shoes they come with a GWP (gift with purchase) that includes a pole dancing class for circus clowns.

Fashion crime #3: If we saw anybody wearing these shoes it would call for an immedaite seranade of the national anthem. Maybe these are better suited for the Statue of liberty!

Fashion crime #4: These patchwork boots are a result of some left-over sweaters from last season that didn’t sell. In which case, they would be recession chic. Recycling is good but only when it makes the environment a better a place. And, well…

Fashion crime #5: This shoe is called the creeper platform but we have renamed it the creepy overpass. For some reason we want to plant a mini Clementine tree in the foot opening. Not a bad idea aye?

Fashion crime #6: You either go snorkeling or diving but YOU don’t get to wear high heels with a wet suit.

Fashion and fish cruelty crime #7: We found Nemo and the fish and game commission is not going to be happy when we tell them where.

Fashion Crime #8: Every wardrobe needs a signature piece, right?

Fashion Crime #9: Dear Nike, thank you for designing a high heel sneaker that allows me to be 4” taller at the gym. I can’t wait to wear my new trainers on the stair master!

Fashion Crime #10, 11, and 12: You would have to wear these really early in the morning, before your brain figures out what your doing!


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