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When to makeup: the dance debate

Should competitive dancers be required to wear full stage makeup at any age?
Should competitive dancers be required to wear full stage makeup at any age?
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

As the mom of a very young dancer, makeup is a hot topic in our home. We love dance and being able to go to a good dance school means that there are performances and there are competitions. Part of being a good performer and competitor is appearance. My daughter is very pale and fair skinned without some stage makeup, her face would completely wash out on the stage. This also means that in normal lighting, photos, etc... she looks like a mini-hooker/drag queen.

She knows that this look is reserved only for times when she is performing and that we don't go to first grade wearing enough make-up to help the Avon corporate stock to soar. I think this is a personal decision though and that each parent needs to do what they are comfortable with. Some parents prefer little to know make-up and I am okay with that. Here is the quagmire - I feel like for performances it looks better, other parents do not agree. For competition, things get sticky.

Regardless of the lighting, if one child is spray tanned and they have on wigs and special make-up there is a feeling that everyone needs to follow suit just to be competitive. It is a little unfair and significantly adds to the cost of competing, when each hair piece is $50, make-up is $50, shoes are $25....and that doesn't even cover the costumes. So, we are left in the middle. I do what we need to do to be competitive in events, within reason and other parents will do what they feel is best. She loves to dance and I love to support her dreams and ambitions.

If you are interested in getting into dance, Miss Kathy's MKSOD dance in Niles, MI is a wonderful option for dancers as young as 3. They offer a variety of methods including ballet, tap, jazz, and acro. If you are interested in Irish Dance in South Bend, I would recommend Spraoi Agus Rinca and they meet at the Marine Corp League on Tuesday afternoons during the school year.