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When to have a baby

A lot of times couples in their twenties (or individuals) are pressured by society on when they should start having babies. Even though medical technology has made it possible to have babies later in life safely, there is still a stigma attached to it if you are 30 and childless.

As a newlywed in your twenties, it is especially difficult as you begin to reach those last few years of the decade. Parents and friends start asking the age-old question, "So, when are you guys having kids?" Quite frankly, it should be none of their business. The only people who should be thinking the question are the people directly involved: the couple, or person if they decide to go it alone.

Having kids is huge responsibility. It has a very large time and monetary commitment that if you have the ability to decide the when, should do it after thought and consideration. Yes, things happen. Children are born unplanned everyday, but if you have the ability to plan for it, don't rush because society tells you to. Stay true to what you are comfortable with. Not everyone should have a baby, and not everyone should have a baby in their twenties. It is an indivdual's/couple's decision.


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