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When to get a tutor for your child


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For most GA counties, school has been in session for three months. The second string of report cards is due soon and many parents are wondering when to get a tutor for their child and if their child needs one at all. During the first six weeks of school children are refreshed with last year’s information and bring in new criteria a little at a time. It stands to reason most parents will see a difference in the second six week report cards rather than the first.

So when is it a good time to think about a tutor? It’s not always easy to tell with grades and doesn’t always apply to children who seem to be struggling. In fact, the term “struggling” is not a great term to use when assessing a child’s studies. If a child is making an effort but is still “struggling” to bring grades up, it is probably best to assess if the child is genuinely making an effort.

Here are some things to look for to better make the decision to get a tutor or to at least speak to the teachers for guidance:

1. Despite his or her best efforts, your child's grades are falling.
2. Regardless of how long your child spends on homework, it's neither complete nor well done, which could be an indicator of weakness in a particular skill area.
3. Struggling with day-to-day schoolwork or stumbling over a series of exams or assignments, your child shows an increasing lack of confidence and motivation.
4. Your child begins to use phrases such as "I'm stupid. I'll never understand this subject."
5. Your child admits that he or she is simply ready to "give up."
The key is not to lose motivation when dealing with a child who is not doing as well as they should. Speak to the teacher or counselor to come up with a strategy, see if the school offers a tutoring program (which is usually free) or can recommend another child or tutoring service in your area.

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