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When the zombie apocalypse begins, what will you have to fight for?

The Complex
J. Rudolph

What lengths will you go to to protect your family when no one is immune and no one is coming to save you? This is the story of Cali Anglin, a mom, a wife, a nurse; and her fight to make a life worth living.

The Complex: The Reanimates Book 1 by J. Rudolph released on 10/11/12 via Rudforce Intragalactic Publishing Division

Nothing stays the way we want it to. A virus that went awry and a plague of zombies made sure of that.

Cali Anglin learned this the hard way. Before, her life was simple. She was a mom, a wife, and a nurse. Now she is also must fight to save her family, her neighbors, and herself.

No one is immune and no one is coming to save them. If they hope to be able to make it through the impossible, the survivors must create a safe zone within the walls of their gated apartment complex. It's up to this group of people to make life worth living now that the dead have come back.

There's just one problem...

How do you survive the zombie apocalypse with your humanity intact?


You can download a free sample from Amazon that allows you to read something like 10-20% of the book or you can hop over to my website where there are free excerpts.

I'm J. Rudolph, the author of The Reanimates, as well as the paranormal mystery, Hadley's Haunting. I'm a 30 something that lives in Southern California with my husband and the coolest kid I have ever met. I'm also part zombie. No, really! I have dead people parts in my spine, making me a living dead girl. Cool, right? I'm a writer by day and a nurse/heart monitor tech by night, and I definitely include this in my zombie series.

I'm more than a little in to turtles. Turtle stuff is everywhere and I have two live turtles that know the people only exist for their happiness. Don't call them pets, we humans are their pets!

I've loved the zombie genre since I was a teenager, which was fueled when I got my Kindle for Christmas in 2010. I've always been attracted to the idea that these things are running around that don't need sleep, don't have fears, and don't have higher brain function to tell them the best way to get the food. The primal need to get to their food, regardless of the source, is all that drives them. I adore the problem solving in creating a safe zone to keep the zombies out of your home. For years, I've thought about how to get into places that have supplies and what places would I go to for these supplies. People think I'm a little obsessed, but that's okay by me.

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Enjoy a random segment of The Complex FREE at the author's Website.


Tired of reading books with fairy tale endings? You'll find none of that in Time of Death: Induction by Shana Festa. These zombies do what they do best…Kill…Everyone. No one is safe.

Permuted Press was established in 2004 with a modest goal: to produce a single, high-quality zombie anthology titled The Undead. From this simple goal grew a publishing company that has published over 80 titles targeting the apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and survival horror fiction markets. Permuted Press has relied heavily on the power of the internet and advances in publishing technology to establish itself as one of the best known publishers in the apocalyptic niche. Permuted has utilized print on demand (POD) technology, eBooks, and grassroots internet marketing to catch and cater to its ever growing fan base. Permuted Press is expanding its outreach to include fiction such as urban fantasy, paranormal/supernatural romance, and young adult fiction.

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