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When the white party ceases to be a party

Dance the night away
Dance the night away
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April 25-27 marked Jeffrey Sanker's 25th celebration of the word famous White Party in Palm Springs, CA. An estimated 30,000 gay men attended the event and numerous celebs like Carmen Electra and Jai Rodriguez attended and won awards for being positive representatives within the LGBT community. Kudos to them.

As a gay man (now out for 9 years) the White Party is an event. But for is now not an event, as my world view of the social structure of this celebration has changed. I am no longer a twenty-something young man able to stay up till 6am. Nor am I out and about drinking, etc. So that aspect of the party has lost any, and all appeal in my eyes. Yes, do I think the eye-candy is beyond gorgeous--of course. I may always think that. But I am a 31-year-old somewhat cynical evolution of myself.

I have changed a bit in certain aspects of my life, enough to alert me when I've had enough partying, etc. This weekend I wanted to attend but first off--the prices were ridiculous to get in. Try forking out nearly $450 for an entire weekend. No thanks. I got in for free at Toucan's and Hunter's, local establishments.

I went with two buddies of mine: flamboyant, sultry, quick-witted Coco and his buddy, we'll call Mark. So the three of us went to Palm Springs, that desert Oasis and danced our night away on Saturday. The music was loud, the people were drunk, and the atmosphere was--(gasp!)--rather boring, I will admit.

Sure it was fun while we were at Hunter's but overall it was the same thing over again, but with a larger crowd. Some guys were hot, some guys were not, and most of them were snotty, myself included. It may be because I had gotten off work that night at 10pm, but overall the quality was outweighed by the quantity. I was not at all impressed. The only thing that impressed me was how quickly Coco, Mark and I left Hunter's and decided to go to our next establishment: Toucans.

Toucans was no better, I will admit. It was overcrowded by an even less array of unattractive men and women. If I would have wanted the riff raff of The Alibi or The Hook Up in Pomona...I would have gone to Pomona. I am a bitch, yes, I know.

Overall I am glad I didn't fork out $160 to attend Saturday night's White Party event, and I am also glad I was not drinking or partying till the wee hours of the morning. I'm not above dancing till around 2 or 3 am, but after that I need my 8 hours of sleep ladies and gentlemen.

The circuit party scene is over in my point of view.

As for me, Coco, & Mark...we made a pit stop at Del Taco and went home.

I was in bed by 3:15 am.

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