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When the War is Over… The Mental and Physical Legacy of the War grand opening

August 28 saw the grand opening of the Civil War Medicine Museum's latest exhibit.
The Civil War Medicine Museum

Even when the war was other, the war within was still raging in the minds of former soldiers, civilians and just about anyone and everyone who had to live through the terrors of this nation’s Civil War. A new exhibit, which opened on yesterday, Aug. 28 at the Civil War Medicine Museum, in Frederick, MD explores the aftermath of the Civil War and the life long mental and physical effects it had.

This exhibit is the newest release in what is called the Civil War Beer Series, Bad Old Man Ransom Ale. The new exhibit explores the life of a soldier after making the transition back from the army to civilian life. The exhibit shows the ways in which social and government programs were created in order to ease the veterans’ transition back into the civilian scope. Many of these programs are still effectively operating today.

While the exhibit focuses primarily on Civil War veteran medical care, the overall struggles and obstacles examined parallel similar obstacles and struggles faced by today’s veterans. This really shows an accurate depiction of the timelessness of the effects of war throughout history.

One of the highlights of this new exhibit is special attention to Confederate soldier James Edward Hanger. Hanger was the Civil War’s first amputee and had his own prosthetic leg created. To this day, the Hanger Company continues to produce prosthetics.

Established in 1990 by interested scholars and medical professionals, the Civil War Medicine Museum is a wonderful destination that allows visitors to explore the medical and other health-related aspects surrounding the Civil War. The Civil War Medicine Museum is located at 48 East Patrick Street in Frederick. For more information, visit

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