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When the lighthouse goes out

Survivors are lighthouses
Survivors are lighthouses
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Sometimes the strong, survival types have their moments too, days, weeks and months. Sometimes the beacon of light that attracts begins to fade. Lighthouses, they are called by many, that mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals. Once widely used, the number of lighthouses have declined due to expense of maintenance. Eventually the light will go out whether it be by choice, illness or death.

Because as the lighthouse guides the rest of the world out of the fog, the house can't maintain itself. Without support, it questions its purpose. Powerful lighthouses exposed to a frothing sea used to have keepers who made the necessary improvements to their surroundings. Those keepers truly respected their illumination. They tended and cared for the lighthouse; polishing the light and lens; thinking ahead to what that lighthouse needed.

They loved their lighthouse with all of their passion. There was nothing more important than the lighthouse; always in light and motion.

The last manned lighthouse was in 1998 and lighthouses became less essential to navigation, many historic structures faced demolition or neglect. The National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000 provides now for the transfer of lighthouse structures to local governments and private non-profit groups; many who have tried to restore and save the lighthouses around the world.

Is their a group like this for the human race of survivors that are surrounded by fragile rock? Where are their keepers? Are they loved too?

For those that feel that there is not much more to give or even accept whether it be in a professional or personal environment, its time to sit down and write that list of what you need. Where do you want to be in five years? What will make you happy in the moment? Are you surrounded by people that sincerely care? Do you have dedicated keepers that will help make your dreams come true?

I guess it is called self-preservation since I don't know of any groups banded together to restore your purpose as lighthouse preservationists, maybe psychiatrists would claim that category. But do search for those mentors, those counselors, those trusted co-workers that can guide you too. You are a survivor, yes, but what do you deserve?

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