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When The Beatles met Elvis Presley: New documentary reveals what really happened

When Elvis Presley met The Beatles
When Elvis Presley met The Beatles
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The Beatles and Elvis Presley, arguably the most documented musical acts in history, had a rare undocumented night when they met each other face to face for the one and only time. Since no one thought to take pictures or video of the infamous meeting, eyewitness accounts from the people who were there at Presley's house in Los Angeles on August 27, 1965 all seem to differ. Even The Beatles, when interviewed for The Beatles Anthology documentary, couldn't agree on what happened.

But now, one of Elvis' right-hand men and best man at his wedding, Joe Esposito, wants to set the record straight in the new documentary "One Day Two Legends" which attempts to put a cohesive story together about what actually happened the one and only night when The King of Rock and Roll met The Fab Four.

The Elvis Presley Examiner was recently granted an interview with the producer of the film, Tom Jikomes. Jikomes, a lifelong Elvis fan who happened to be born on the exact day the legendary meeting took place, came up with the idea. "Although there is a lot written about that day, there has never been an in-depth formal interview about it and that's what we are doing," Jikomes explained in an e-mail.

Jikomes approached Joe Esposito with the concept, and together with his filming partner, Stephanie Rabiola, they have interviewed Esposito in-depth about what exactly happened that night.

"Joe was not only there, but he picked The Beatles up and drove them to Elvis' home in Bel Air and was in the room the whole time," Jikomes continued. "Joe never elaborated on that night as deeply as he does with our film...we have dug deep into Joe's memory to re-create the day as best as possible."

"One Day Two Legends" also features famous musicians and friends who express how they looked up to Elvis, just like The Beatles did, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees, Louise Harrison (George's sister) and some of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in the world.

To celebrate the documentary's release in April, Jikomes says, "We will be creating a concert to simulate Elvis and The Beatles touring together in their primes with the advantage of their full catalogs to draw from. We are planning to take this concert event around the world once we are sponsored. We already produced a concert with ETA Travis Powell and a local Beatles Acoustic band called Kaleidoscope Eyes. The event was a great success and we are looking forward to a much bigger event in April."

For more information, visit and watch the trailer for "One Day Two Legends".

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