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When spirits speak Johnny Angel listens

The Hudson Valley is known for its beautiful scenery and historical locations. It is also well known as one of the most 'paranormally' active places in the U.S. According to some estimates, it ranks third in the country for UFO sightings, and is certainly in the top ten for haunted sites. It may well be on its way to becoming a principal Bigfoot encounter hotspot.

Ghost hunting live with Indy-Para and Poughkeepsie Paranormal teams for YourBGM.TV.
Ghost hunting live with Indy-Para and Poughkeepsie Paranormal teams for YourBGM.TV.
courtesy Johnny Angel
Johnny Angel
courtesy Johnny Angel

All this paranormal activity creates much work for dozens of investigators, researchers and psychic mediums who are interested in understanding and explaining how and why the Hudson Valley seems to be a nexus that facilitates the meeting of seen and unseen worlds.

Johnny Angel is one of these fascinated psychic investigators. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, he left for California in the mid 1980s, seeking to find himself and make his fortune far away from home and family. For the most part he succeeded in finding his way and creating his dream. Then, in 2008, his personal life tanked at the same time as the economy and he found that he had to return home to start over. His life would take a rather unexpected turn.

Although Johnny had had occasional glimpses of his psychic proclivities, he had not consciously let those impulses guide him. As he describes below, a series of interestingly timed "coincidences" began a process of spiritual unfolding that eventually led him to embrace his true vocation as a psychic medium, healer and clairvoyant teacher.

Now Johnny is a popular up and coming psychic medium who lends his spiritual gifts to personal clients, the Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators and Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley as the need arises. He hosts monthly Psychic Dinners, generally at The Enchanted Cafe in Red Hook, NY, where for a single price a patron can get a good meal and a psychic message from the spirit world, or the "angels" as Johnny calls them. But, let's let Johnny speak for himself:

When did you become aware of your specific psychic gifts?

ANSWER: "I first experienced mediumship consciously when I was getting ready to back my pick up out of my driveway. I felt the very strange but distinct presence of my grandfather who had passed. It was as if he had overplayed my body and spirit with his and we were both sharing the same space. I knew it was him because I felt as if he was right there. It happened unexpectedly, but it was a time in my life when I needed support. I know now he was trying to communicate with me. I was in my late twenties, living 3000 miles away from my family in California. I never forgot the experience. It was as if he and I were one: separate beings sharing the same body.

It would be another 15 years or so before I would have another experience like it. I moved back after 20 years of living on the west coast to the Hudson Valley where I was born and raised. I returned to my origins and began a new life and career due to the economic crash in 2008. It was at that time my gift(s) really took off. I began working out of a shop in Hyde Park, NY where I was offering Angel Readings using my Angel Oracle cards designed by Doreen Virtue. I had experienced my psychic gifts since birth but I didn't know how to use or fully trust them until I reached a certain age. Then I realized I was very diverse in gifts. I could hear, see, feel, smell, with my extra sensory perception (ESP).

It was a very short time after starting these psychic readings that I had a second profound mediumship experience. I was performing a reading when I became disoriented. I realized something was different and I described what I was "getting" with the client and she responded with the statement "that is my dead son" I was taken aback but continued the reading. To my surprise I could communicate with him through all of my senses I used psychically. I also could feel his spirit working through me."

What is it like to be a medium?

ANSWER: " It can be intense at times. I can experience physical sensations of how they [the spirits] died, their symptoms, their personalities, feelings, etc. Each connection is slightly different but there is a general similarity. I've come a long way in trusting the gift and the information. You can't have an ego while doing this work. I have had a lot of spiritual teaching around the ego and it gets in the way of life and the work

This was only the beginning of what the angels had in store for me.The next major shift in my work was being asked by a local paranormal investigation company [Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators] to participate in a paranormal investigation right here in the Hudson Valley. I was surprised and intrigued by the idea. I said "sure, I'll try anything once!" Partly scared and fascinated! Ironically, I was frightened of the dark as a child. I tell many stories during my psychic dinners about how I started out and that I was afraid of the dark until a very unhealthy age. I realize now I was able to feel spirits around me then. I wasn't afraid of the dark but of the "ghosts" in it. Life is full of irony sometimes!

Looking back I can see the gifts I had as a child. This included a connection to woodland creatures, even those invisible to the 3rd dimensional eye. But I could see them. I also always had a connection to animals. I could communicate with them without even realizing I was doing it. I thought everyone did these things.

That is how I became involved with Bigfoot Research of the Hudson Valley. I met Gayle at The Enchanted Cafe last Halloween when the owner, Joe, was having a themed week of events. I was hosting one of my Dinners With Spirit where I go around to each person while they are eating and deliver messages from the other side. Mainly, loved ones who want to get through with a message.

Gayle was offering a presentation that same week on Bigfoot encounters in the Hudson Valley. I thought 'how fun' but remained skeptical. I grew up here after all. No Sasquatch appeared to me all those years in the woods as a child or an adult. But after living out west in the 'Bigfoot capital,' I was very interested. With the gifts and connection to nature and ability to communicate with animals, I thought 'who would be better to go on an investigation?' So, I did and within moments of arriving on the first site, I knew these beings were real. However the experience I had of them was more paranormal [than physical]. Very real but more like that of 4th or maybe 5th dimensional beings. I have even captured images of them on my camera.This has opened up to a far greater world than I ever imagined! It has made me realize we are not alone in many ways! That truth is stranger than fiction."

What metaphysical teachers or books have most influenced you?

ANSWER: " I always thought I had special powers as a child and realized later in life I was a true energy healer. An Indigo child now full grown as an Indigo Adult! I practiced healing work, while doing only readings for myself and studied self improvement while pursuing a life of following my bliss. I studied manifestation and law of attraction and have read about and studied subjects like Near Death Experience, Out of Body Travel, Channeling, etc. I talk about and teach these subjects in a unique way in my classes and workshops.

More is constantly being revealed to me as my journey with the angels continues. We are walking side by side and at times they take my hand and lead me through the dark but I know there is a greater plan for us all. I am looking into expanding my work again as a speaker for the angels. A minister perhaps? My messages are more non-denominational. They are a more about universal and spiritual truth. The voice and messages of the angels themselves. My vision is to expand my group and forum. I feel there is a conscious shift happening among the masses. The angels want to help us all and to guide us all to play our parts. I no longer regret losing all that I had to begin a new start in life. I lost everything at the time, my home, my relationship, my business, my dream that I thought I wanted so badly. Once I lost it all there was no going back. I've gained everything that I never knew I wanted, but it's turned out to be the most important thing to me. This is my freedom to follow my heart with the angels as my guides."

Tell me about those psychic dinners. What inspired you to create that format?

ANSWER: "The dinners started at the cafe in Red Hook as an angelic idea to expand on my work. I had been doing only private sessions until that time and the angels wanted me to help more people. Joe hosted my first dinner and we've had total success with selling out each month. Generally, we organize them monthly. This was an expansion of my training on doing "platform readings" or "gallery readings." I studied under 5 world renowned international mediums for one week at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and was trained in this reading format.

Ironically, this amazing institute was right around the corner from my house where I lived as a young teen. My friends and I would walk by it all the time and we never knew what was going on there. World-class writers, speakers, healers, all tops in their fields, would teach courses there. To return there after moving away over 20 years earlier was another cosmic laugh. Professionally, people know me as Johnny Angel because of the work I do, but the official story is that while working in the small shop in Hyde Park, the shop owner was playing Fox Oldies 98.9FM and the song Johnny Angel came on. She exclaimed, " That is what I am going to call you for now on," and the name stuck. Another twist of fate is that now, a few short years later, I am a regular monthly guest with Van Ritchie on Fox Oldies 98.9FM during their morning show. I offer readings to callers and discuss all things spiritual and paranormal.

Through my gifts my eyes have been opened to the greater reality, beyond the veil to many worlds. I always have to give myself reality checks to check in and see if this is for real. But the experiences and evidence far out weigh any doubt now. It's not "if" angels/spirits exist but "how". How to attune, how to communicate, how to explain all of these things that have captured our imaginations but are more real than not. That is the very definition of paranormal. Real but unexplainable! I use my own life experiences to determine my truth and I know from my own experiences that this is real. I talk about the angels all the time because my world has become so intertwined with theirs. I am their medium to help bring heaven to earth. To keep the message of love and hope alive. These psychic-medium dinners are one of the highlights of my career so far. The healing and closure I can give people to those closest to them to bridge these two worlds! If I think about it it brings tears of joy to my eyes. The happiness, closure, healing and peace it brings is the magic!"

The next Psychic Dinner will be July 26, beginning at 6p. Reservations are necessary and can be made through The Enchanted Cafe, Red Hook, NY.

Next week: A review of the Johnny's Psychic Dinner!!!

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