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When’s the best time to exercise?

bike rider
bike rider
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There is a lot of debate over the best time to exercise. Some suggest morning is the best time; however everyone is different. Finding your best time to work out is key. This depends on when you will be able to do it most consistently because you get better results and more benefit from it if you are consistent.

Factors you may wish to consider when deciding the best time for you to work out are if you work out better alone or with others, what kind of exercise you are doing and what your schedule is like i.e. if you are a morning person or a night person.

Do you need a push partner to get yourself motivated or do you prefer the solitude of working out alone and using it as your escape from the daily grind? When you are doing it socially you need to coordinate your schedule with another. When going at it alone get it in at a time that you feel best and that works best for your routine so you can remain consistent and keep at it. Skipping exercise is not a good idea so if you miss your window try to fit it in somewhere in your schedule that gives you the best chance to get it done. This may be a good time for you to escape from the phone, TV or other distractions and put your health in front of other vices.

If you are not a morning person it would not do you much good to get up super early for a workout session. Instead you should aim to exercise at a time that is most likely to work for you as this will help create consistency and you should also try not to make it too difficult and don’t overdo it. It is okay to take a lot of little steps to lead you to your goals.