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When In Rome

Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster

When In Rome is a film that gives you exactly what you expect. It is a film that doesn't provide many surprises, but gets by with enough romance and fun to make it worth the viewer's while. The comedic timing and lovable characters keep the film firmly afloat. To be honest, in the dreary winter months, what more can a viewer ask to combat the cold than the solid entertainment and a few chuckles that films like this provide?

Beth (Kristen Bell) is down-on-her-luck, and turns to her job for comfort because she doesn't have a man to run to. While in Rome for her sister's wedding, she meets Nick (Josh Duhamel), a sports journalist who becomes smitten with her. After parting with Nick and going her own way, she commits an act of desperation and drunken anger,

Beth jumps into a fountain and steals coins from it. Little does she know that the owner of each of the coins she took is soon put under a spell, and each man falls in love with her at first sight. With an entourage of men chasing her, she runs into Nick again, who also begins vying for her affection. She must decide whether Nick's feelings are for real, or if this man of her dreams is under a spell as well. 

When In Rome gets by on the comedic timing of the leads and the quirky performances from the supporting players. Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, and even Danny DeVito are chasing the gorgeous Beth for her affections, and they all bring different elements to their playful performances. However, the on-screen chemistry between Bell and Duhamel takes center stage, and it is those endearing performances that truly shine. 

The film will not be your favorite to ever hit the screen. It is cliche and predictable to the highest extent. It is a film that neither falls flat or completely immerses the viewer, but it is a pleasurable film that is worth a look. See it for a few chuckles, and that warm, happy feeling you'll get in your stomach once the credits roll.