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When Robin Williams was in Miami

Miami, Downtown
Miami, Downtown
Hetie Castelo-Branco

This article could be to celebrate with you the 5 years I have been working for the Examiner this month and my joy for that. But this week we had not good news. Actually, we had sad news to publish, against our will. Despite the fact everybody already mentioned that over and over again, I could not leave to say at least something about my feelings in regards to life and people. I want to apologize, first of all, due to the repetition. This week we had the confirmation that the world has a problem, an invisible problem. In fact, not so invisible, because is tangible for the depressed people. Who has depression knows what I mean. The world looks like a desert to the melancholic. They see the life as something impossible to handle. And the dangerous are those not mentioned and that the others cannot imagine what somebody is feeling: the loneliness.

The last time I saw Robin Williams on the TV, I had the feeling he had an abnormally happiness. He was running from one side to the other and quickly sitting in the chair and smiled and quickly closing the face and doing stranger jokes… Well, I do not know… it looked like stranger to me. Now I have understood his face, his behavior.

In 1996, The Birdcage, a comedy in which Williams co-worked with Nathan Lane showed all the energy of Miami and South Miami. The film was completely filmed here. Maybe in that time he didn’t feel so lonely and perhaps could enjoy life.

He brought good emotions to everybody with all his fantastic movies, and now all of us have good memories about him. Good, very good and fun memories that still make us smile... well, I am still sad. I will be for a long time for realizing a man that made us laugh was so sad and lonely. RIP dear fantastic Robin Williams.