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When relationships stall personal growth

Parting Paths
Parting Paths

A meaningful relationship is one of the most satisfying experiences a person can hope to have on this earth. However, one cannot describe a relationship as meaningful if one does not mature over time as a result of being in that relationship.

As implied in the previous article, some relationships do expire for many different reasons. But be mindful that the underlying reason for ANY relationship expiring is one or both person's failure to grow in that relationship.

This is so important to understand in marriages, friendships, and relationships with "significant others".

Why keep calling someone your "friend," cultivating the relationship, if that person's presence in your life does not challenge you to improve as an individual, indirectly supporting your spiritual growth? Why continue nurturing a relationship with a significant other if that person does not model true love and affection and shed light upon ways you can grow spiritually?

Lori, a Jackson resident who sought professional counseling, recalled a self-defeating relationship.

"I stayed with my boyfriend for seven years before I made up my mind to leave the abusive relationship," she said.

It is so hard for some people to sever ties with "friends," "boyfriends," and "girlfriends," especially in situations where a length of time has resulted in complacency. How many people linger in relationships because they are just "used to a person"?

Where relationships are concerned, you are well advised to listen to that still, small voice inside of you: The one that sometimes says, "You know this relationship is not good for you" and "You can do so much better."

Where the still, small voice warns you of such things, respond with a resolve to sever your ties with people who are only stifling or prolonging your personal growth.

Would you rather be superficially happy for the rest of your life? Or would you rather face your fear of temporary solitude and eventually experience real happiness in the long run?

Take it to God in prayer.


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