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When power matters

Every engine can benefit
Every engine can benefit

Looking for more life from your oil? Looking for more mileage from your gas? Looking for more life from engine and other components that require constant lubrication? Look no further! Here is a product that will do all that and then some! G4Xtreme!

When power matters it's not just about the power. It's about performance and protection for vital engine, drive motors, gearboxes and all parts that require any type of oil or fluid for lubrication.

What it is (and isn't)---G4Xtreme is an additive that helps not only extend the life of your oil but the life of your engine or any other part that has moving metal parts requiring lubrication. It helps provide more miles per gallon by helping your oil work better to help your engine run stronger, cooler and with less wear and tear. It does no contain harsh and damaging additives that have been proven to cause more harm than good such as Teflon, zinc, graphite and other solids.

What it does--G4Xtreme will bond to metal creating a constant barrier so damage is minimized from metal to metal contact until the oil has a chance to work it's way through the system. It will keep seals lubricated, protection from leaks and failures. It improves overall horsepower and torque making your engine more efficient and improving gas mileage.

Where can you use it---Any component that requires some sort of fluid lubricant. Engines, gearboxes, transmissions, motors, hydraulic systems can all benefit from this additive. Auto, truck, motorcycles, marine applications and heavy equipment have all shown better efficiency with this product installed.

Who should use it----Anyone looking to improve the power and performance of any types of motorized equipment. Professionals who make a living going fast or building engines for someone else to go fast. Companies that have fleets of any type of vehicle that they want to improve the bottom line on maintenance, upkeep and performance of. Companies that use heavy equipment to get the job done. Equipment being down costs everyone so the more life and better performance you can get, the better. Even just the everyday family transport could benefit from this product. The less money you spend on replacing parts and vehicles, the more money you have to spend on the fun stuff. And the boats, jet-skis and four-wheelers will last longer and give you more enjoyment and less worry.

For more information on this amazing product go to Your engine and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

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