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When Perfect Requirements Leads You to the Clearance Rack

When Perfect Requirements Leads You to the Clearance Rack

If you are that person who thinks you are the “complete package” and very few out there can and “will” meet your standards you seriously need a reality check! If you’re still wrapped in your pretty package sitting on the top shelf waiting for someone to come by and swoop you up, you may be waiting for quite some time.

Have you ever met someone or have a friend who tends to meet a lot of potential mates but none of them meet their standards? He was cute, but he’s too short, he’s financial stable but too nerdy, or he has a great personality but he’s too big, etc. The list can go on forever. Meanwhile, while you’re getting your nails done and hair done every week, working out every day and picking up the latest fashions trying to stay on top of your “appearance game” life is passing you by and so are good potential mates. This also applies to men, in some cases more so than women. You hear numerous men say they are looking for a “dime”. A dime for those of you who are not familiar is a “10”. A women who have the three “B”s; Beauty, Brains, and Body.

While you’re out there checking your scorecard in search for the “perfect” mate your pool is getting smaller and smaller because you refuse to live in reality. The reality is you will never find the perfect person learn to seek the sustainable qualities in a person: sincerity, honesty, loyalty, hardworking, compassionate. These are traits that don’t change but money and looks do. Because the reality is if you don’t, years later when your pool becomes nonexistent you may find yourself on the clearance rack at 75% off still waiting for a buyer.

The moral of the story is you may want to come down on your price a bit, cut someone a break, you never know what shopper will be your best buyer!

I‘m just saying…

C Double R

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