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When one door closes another door opens

Whether you look at it as a new beginning or an ending, Jerrod and R.J Melman of the Lettuce Entertain you Enterprise are developing a new concept for the current Brasserie Jo restaurant location.

Brasserie Jo, known for its authentic and classical approach to French dishes, will be closing its doors on 59 W. Hubbard street later this summer to make way for a more casual and fun restaurant in that space. Even though the restaurant image will be changing, the talented chefs behind Brasserie Jo will continue to play a major role in the new location. Both Chef Joho and current Head Chef Tim Graham will work with the Melman brothers to develop this new restaurant.

As reported in an interview with Chicago Magazine, the Melman brothers believe their new concept will allow them to “reintroduce French food to a new generation of people”. The new restaurant is set to open as early as October.


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