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When objects haunt: A strange look at possessed things

Can inanimate objects really be haunted? Some say yes and there are stories about so called objects that are possessed by spirits. There have been stories about pianos, paintings, clothes, toys, that have been haunted.

One object that comes to mind and was popular again by the horror film, "The Conjuring," is the doll, Annabelle. Ed and Lorraine Warren, were contacted in the 70s about a doll that was terrifying its owner and the ones around her. Supposedly, the Raggedy Ann doll is possessed by a demon!

Another doll that is possessed is Robert, a doll that was given to Robert Eugene Otto and was a friend for life. This doll liked to terrorized rooms, talked even, and some even thought the doll moved by its own.

It's not just dolls that are possessed either, believe it or not some say that chairs at Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island are haunted. People say that when they sit in the Gothic Ballroom, the chairs make them scared and nauseated.

Clothes can be too, there is a story that in Pennsylvania a wedding dress is haunted by a vengeful woman that never got her chance to marry the man she loved.

Mirrors have been associated with ghosts, the Myrtles Plantation supposedly holds spirits inside it.

So if you ever wondered if that one thing you bought at the antique shop had history, who knows maybe it does? Hopefully, nothing too sinister...

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