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When life juggles

Kristy Mardini
Kristy Mardini
Kristy Mardini

It is amazing how one day everything is alright. Life is peachy. Children are healthy. You are doing everything you can, working out, feeling great.. And then, BAM! One thing crumbles on the side and it turns your life upside down AND inside out.

That is when your village of friends come crashing in to save you. With routines, kids, chores, school and activities, you really need to accept that help. Easier said than done. That is how I feel, anyway.

This past month has been a whirlwind in my house. A personal emergency emerged and my friends all called and/or messaged in to "save" me. I thought it was very nice but I needed to get over this personal emergency on my own. I thought I needed to be a fighter and take it all on by myself. Well, with that added pressure, headaches emerged and fatigue overwhelmed.

Two weeks into it, I was having coffee with a friend and she shared with me when she needed help and friends came to her rescue, how she was saying "am fine." "I got this." Same words were coming out of my mouth those days. Her dear friend responded with "Angie, how do you think it makes us feel when you turn us down and don't accept our help? You are not letting us bless you, to bless us."

My response was, of course, "wow.. I really needed to hear that," as a tear dripped down my face. I knew she was trying to get a point across.

Why not let your friends bless you when you need it? How do we learn to bless if we do not accept to be blessed? Think on those things the next time a friend crashes in to rescue you!

If we are blessed. We learn to bless!

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