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When life gives you lemons…


This article is about a great joy in my life. I have no special resources, no talent that is over the top, I am not young; in short, I am just the average Joe trying to make it in the world. It is not intended to sound like bragging; however to help others understand when life gives you lemons, you really can make lemonade.

One of the rules to be a writer for is to write in third person. However, on occasion, I break that rule. I break it when I want to express something very personal, and this is one of those times. All my life I have always been a dreamer and goal setter, but when my world was rocked in late February, I no longer believed in dreams or myself. I thought I would never be able to pull myself out of the black hole I had been pushed into. I felt I would never again have the strength to live a full life. I started constantly writing; I could not be without pen or paper; those two items became my security. I filled journal after journal with my feelings and emotions; sometimes I would write for hours. Because I have always been a writer, the answer to the mystery of why has invariably been important to me. I did not know the answer as to ‘why’ things happened as they did because they made no sense; so I kept searching. Searching means research, and the research revolved into many articles for

The constant writing improved my skills, even though at the time, I did not realize that was happening. I have been a writer for since 2011; just rocking along, doing my job. Yesterday, I received a wonderful email from them. It has always been my dream to be a writer, and that email gave me hope that my life goals and dreams did not have to be buried, that I could still achieve my dreams. The email also made me think once again about Robin Williams; I am sure like me; he lost his ability to believe in himself. I am thankful; I had the opportunity to see my new dreams transpire. I can’t help but think the same would have happened to Robin Williams, if he had given it just one more day, a new chapter of his life cycle could have begun.

Lemonade Ladies, a support group for women over forty, was founded. To my astonishment, this dream, that I had not planned, but created out of the darkness, has taken on a life force of its own. Lemonade Ladies has received publicity; we have people in political offices wanting our opinions, and we are exploding in growth. I received a call from an Ambuc club in Enid, Oklahoma, wanting me to speak about Lemonade Ladies. The honor of being asked to give this speech will shine the light on another dream; that the gate to truths be recognized.

To me, all these incidents happening at once feel like it is the universe, or a higher power, verifying the calling I have spent my life searching for. The things I knew I was supposed to do on this earth are being shown to me. I thought I had found what my life purpose was in a previous book I had started to write, I had taken notes in a red leather book for several years, and I knew the writing of that book was the reason I was born. The book that I believed would have been beneficial to millions, can no longer be written. That choice was taken away from me, but in its place, another book has been started; Lemonade Ladies was conceived; and, continues to promote me. My dreams today are different dreams than I had before, but out of the darkness, I have been blessed to learn that life moves forward. I have learned not to depend on others to provide my dreams for me, but to believe in my own capabilities. I appreciate the wisdom I obtained; that life can be a success, even though what you think you wanted, takes a different direction; and that if you perceiver great things will happen.

I hope this does not come across as boastful, because that is not the intent. My intent is, because of what happened to Robin Williams, who had so much talent, money, and resources; he can no longer reach for new dreams; but because I stayed in the game, my new dreams are taking shape, even though I don’t have his level of talent, money, or resources; however, what I do have is life. What I want to share is no matter how hopeless you feel, things can change; sometimes you just have to stick around until the tide turns.

Having your dreams shattered is hard.

Creating new dreams is hard.

The path back is hard.

However, the rewards go to those that dream big.

Reaping the rewards is the result of hard work.

Here is the email that has helped me realize that even though my path has changed, I have a very exciting path ahead of me. Thank you Mr. Mike Noe of, for showing me dreams come true.

Dear Shelley,

It’s no secret: You know your news. We’re glad to inform you that you’re now eligible to be promoted in news-related areas on

You’ve graduated to this level because of your commitment to consistently produce high-quality, timely material. In short, you deserve it.

Congratulations on your new status.

Mike Noe
Sr. Director of Content

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