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When lace and leather collide

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When we were little girls, I think it’s safe to say that most of our mothers dressed us up in little pink dresses with ribbon pigtails and anything else that sweet little girls would wear. We had no say in what we wore. As we got a bit older, although we didn’t buy our own clothes, we did get some say as to what we wore. Some of us remained the girly-girls we were brought up to be while others rebelled, developed a different style and became tomboys. Fast-forward a decade or two and here we are, grown women capable of making all our own choices – even choices as to what hangs in our closets.

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If you’re like any other female, you probably have that one dress you bought for a party that you haven’t worn since because, well, it’s just not your style. Or maybe you have a leather jacket that you haven’t worn often because it’s too hardcore for the other pieces in your closet. Or what about that ruffle clutch you bought for a wedding that you haven’t worn since. What if I told you that you could mix in all these pieces together to make one rock-star outfit without looking too “girly” or too “boyish”? Unbelievable? I don’t think so. To prove my point, I created three scenarios – work, day and date – and took some “girly” pieces and roughed up the outfit by adding some hardcore pieces. The end results were fabulous.

  1. Work – For anyone that has an office job, you know that there’s a time and place for everything and showing up in cute dresses may not be the best idea. But what if suits just aren’t your thing? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can take pieces of each, put them together and still look completely professional at work. A perfect example would be taking a printed skirt, matching a tank within the color scheme, adding a boyfriend blazer and heels. Because the blazer will dominate the outfit, you’ll need to tone it down a bit – adding a long necklace does just the trick.
  2. Day – Hanging with friends? Exploring the fabulous city? Why not make a fashion statement? For this outfit, I took a sleeveless sweater, a simple blank tank top, black leggings, leather peep-toe boots, a leopard bag and a chained necklace. While the outfit itself can be considered more on the “girly” side, the boots and necklace add some edge making the outfit in its entirety a perfect combination of both styles.
  3. Date – Whether it’s a date with the man of your dreams or a date with your fabulous girlfriends, us girls always strive to look our best – and we most definitely should. For this outfit, I took a very feminine, lacy dress and added a leather jacket and black leather boots. At first, this outfit was a bit too dominating with all the black leather so to add a feminine touch, I threw in some pearls, dangling earrings and a ruffled clutch. A great outfit for a great night.

There you have it. You really can combine your girly and boyish styles to make outfits so memorable all of your girlfriends will be asking you where did you get those tips.

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