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When Journalism Becomes A Mouth Piece For The Hawks

In the interest of disclosure I’m a former writer for the Hell’s Kitchen based paper The Times Square Chronicles. Furthermore my departure from the paper was less than ideal but was on my own accord. However in no way should my criticism of its latest political piece be construed as anything other than taking it to task for a less than accurate account of one of today’s top stories. In an article published by T2C founder Susanna Bowling entitled, “America Wake Up and See Who Our President Defends Before It Is Too Late!” she argues, simply, that President Barack Obama is siding with Hamas in the invasion of the Gaza Strip.
The crux of her argument centers on the testimony of the son of Hamas founder who recently spoke on CNN stating that the designated terrorist group was not only looking to lay waste to Israel but also destroy major cities in all civilized societies. Mosab Hassan Yousef went on to claim that Hamas cares nothing for the Palestinian people nor those of Israel or the United States for that matter. He went on to say that children in the area are taught from the age of five years old and onward to follow Hamas’s ideology. All of this may or may not be accurate but what is puzzling about Ms. Bowling’s piece is how she managed to conclude that the White House and its aides are looking to intervene in the Gaza skirmish on behalf of this group and against Israel.

Ms. Bowling provides no proof to this claim nor does she provide any sources in her assertion that the United States Government values the alliance of Turkey more than with Israel, and that the Turkish Government is hell bent on aiding Hamas, despite the fact that there has been no report of Turkish intervention in Gaza nor has it taken any public stance. One of the most obvious error in the conclusion found in the article is that - even as the Palestinian death toll surpasses 1,460 as of today - the White House, including President Obama continues to take Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance that Israel is simply defending itself. In fact when the question of Gaza’s right to defend itself is asked during press conferences, the inquiry is never answered. Earlier this week the United Nations did vote to condemn Israel for human rights violations for committing what is known as collective punishment and the targeting of children whose death toll was at 132 as of July 7th as reported by the Telegraph of the UK. That number has risen greatly since that time to 315 as of Thursday according to several sources.

British Journalist Jon Snow of Channel 4 appeared on the program Democracy Now where he spoke about witnessing the direct targeting of children in the Gaza strip by Israel forces. The average age of those now flooding Shifa Hospital is 17 years old. As he put it, “The average age is 17. That means that about quarter of a million are under 10. There was one specific moment that stood out above all others, and that was penetrating the third floor of the Shifa Hospital, one of two floors dedicated to children.” This was before the breaking news on Thursday of Israeli war planes bombing a school in Gaza which was being used as a homeless shelter. According to at least one report aired on Democracy Now, the Israeli military was notified of the buildings use. The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who called the bombings “shameful”, stating that the bombing of the UN run school took the lives of at least 16 people including sleeping children. Also bombed in the latest round of the invention of Gaza is the area’s only power plant which has rendered any hospital almost useless and now greatly limits access to fresh drinking water creating dire third world conditions.

Despite the United Nation’s condemnation of what amounts to war crimes, the United States has decided to help restock Israel’s ammunition pile of which includes mortar rounds and grenades along with explosives. The Pentagon has also OK’d the transferring of hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel’s missile defense system known as “Iron dome” and so far has yet to openly chastise Israel for the current conditions in the area. In total it seems odd that Ms. Bowling would even suggest that (a) the US is acting on behalf of Hamas or Palestine as a whole and (B) when one considers the sheer numbers of dead civilians, most whom have no connection to Hamas whatsoever, it has become painstakingly obvious that the designated terrorist group seems a secondary target with greater Gaza being its prime objective including tunnel systems considered to be legitimate targets since they had been used by Hamas for weapons transfers. That said, these tunnels have also been used for importing food and other goods to Gaza since the erection of the dividing wall. So these tunnels have really served a dual use despite US media reports. It is true that Hamas has exacerbated the situation by firing rockets into Israeli territory killing or wounding several Jewish residents but of the total rockets fired, 98% have missed their mark.

As for her claim that the United States was angered by the overthrowing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, she would be well advised to look at old reports on who the US was supporting during the elections when the Brotherhood was voted in. Furthermore, it is important to note that when the politically driven Muslim group The Muslim Brotherhood, not religiously driven as the T2C article would have you believed, the US did cut off much of its arm sales and funding to Egypt during the time of mass humanitarian crisis under the Government’s reign. Since former military chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was sworn in as the new president with the overthrow of the Brotherhood, US financial and military sales support have since been reinstalled, even as Brotherhood members have been hunted down and either jailed or killed. So while it is true that there are reasons for the world to worry about the further rise of religious extremism in the area, especially in Syria and much of Iraq along with parts of Africa, Ms Bowling would be well advised to research the facts on the ground vis a vis US policy.
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