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When it comes to nutrition, high fiber might be more important than once thought

Many who have a breakfast that is high in fiber might be doing themselves a favor when it comes to nutrition.

Some feel skipping breakfast rather than enjoying a meal high in fiber is a better way to start the day, however, this also means skipping nutrition needed to survive the day.

The following information was shared by and could help readers understand the benefits of having fiber in their morning meal:

"Both protein-rich breakfasts led to lower spikes in glucose and insulin after meals compared to the low-protein, high-carb breakfast," Maki said. "Additionally, the higher-protein breakfast containing 39 grams of protein led to lower post-meal spikes compared to the high-protein breakfast with 30 grams of protein."

As the benefits of fiber, which comes from plants, include that fact that it passes through the body without too many calories being used from the fiber, those having fiber in the morning may have less concern about gaining unwanted weight.

Also, fiber in the morning keeps most fuller longer, so they might eat less during the day. Fiber helps individuals avoid certain health issues, such as certain cancers and heart disease. More details are shared on

For those not sure how to use fiber to meet their nutritional needs, this link is to a page on that offers details about the fiber content of various foods. This will also help readers learn how much fiber is needed and the nutritional factors or high fiber foods.

When considering foods that add the benefits of fiber to the menu, choices do not have to taste like cardboard. Apples, pears, strawberries and raspberries and most other fruits are high in fiber and tasty. Nuts and and whole grains taste good and can be filling as these also contain fiber.

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