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When it all falls apart...

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like everything is going wrong? Even if your spouse isn't the cause of all of the stress, you still blame them? Or maybe you expect them to fix things, when there's really nothing they can do? Ever feel like you're drowning and nobody can save you? How do you think that's affecting your relationship? With unemployment at an all time high and our loved ones fighting the War on Terrorism, we just don't know where to turn. Everywhere we look buildings are falling apart, people are falling apart, the whole dang city is crumbling beneath us. You ask, what can I do? You ask, how do I fix my marriage when all of this negativity is flying through the air? Well, let me help you.

First, take it one day, one hour, hell, one minute at a time. The more minutes you can add up where you aren't arguing, or yelling, or feeling bad, well,that's just a few more minutes of peace, right? Second, fix the things you can. It might not get you exactly to your dream job or your perfect life, but it's just one step closer. Finally, stop the blame game. Blaming each other will never solve the problem. Just try it, you know you can do it! Check out more information on getting your marriage back together here.


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