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When Israeli bombs kill kids, who is guilty - Israel or Hamas?

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With today's laser-guided bombs, targets can be hit with pinpoint accuracy. Israel can easy put a bomb on top of Hamas rocket launchers. Hamas is placing their rockets in schools and hospitals. When Israel is about to bomb one of these launchers, they are first dropping leaflets warning that the bombs are about to fall. Rather than moving away, Hamas is pushing women and children in front of the rocket launchers to be killed, and then crying to the world what monsters are the Israelis.

If the Israelis bomb a rocket launcher located in a school or hospital, which side is guilty of destroying that building and killing the sick, doctors and nurses, and children? Democrats say the Israelis need not bomb Hamas rocket launchers because their bombs aren’t that big. They cite only a few Israelis being killed as opposed to over a thousand Palestinians.

This is a morality test. If you blame Hamas you condemn the evil of putting weapons next to children to use as human shields. If you blame Israel you condemn the people for defending themselves. There is no division of blame. Both sides do not share guilt. Only one is doing evil, while the other is doing what is necessary.

Survey: Who is responsible for the deaths of Palestinian children – Israel or Hamas?

“It is the twisted ideology of the Left that portrays victims as heroes and evil-doers as victims.” – Dustin Koellhoffer


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