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When is the right time to sleep with your boyfriend

I'm going to give you a hint. It starts with an N. Nope I am not going to say never. My personal preference would be to wait and the list of reasons is long. Religion plays a factor, disease, unplanned pregnancies, complications of the heart, a tendency to settle for the one you are sleeping with because it is comfortable. All those studies that show that couples who wait until marriage divorce less often seem to have proven to be true. But that's not what I was going to say.

I was going to say not. None of you are going to listen to the never part so maybe the not will make sense. Don't sleep with your boyfriend until he's good and ready (meaning physically, emotionally and financially) to put a ring on one hand of yours and a certificate in the other that says he will help to care for and provide whatever he might happen to implant inside of you.

We girls give in way too easily and then wonder why we are left with giant heartaches and messes to clean up. It's not about making men suffer. There are a ton of great men out there. It is simply about waiting for the one that will step up to the plate for you and you might not know that until he gets down on one knee.

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